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[Mar 12]
Moved to touchatomic
This will be kept alive for communities, and for me to look back.

Very touching [Mar 5]

What will you say to them when I'm gone? [Feb 20]
About a week ago Justin got in what could have been a fatal car crash. He's lucky to be alive. He's also lucky to not be in jail. Since then he's had an "epiphany". Last night we talked for hours, mostly him talking and me listening. He seems defeated now. I've told him that I can only be his friend. He understands that, I think. He admits to still being "madly in love" with me. He admits that he treated me horribly and took me for granted. It's good to hear these things even though I knew them. I always knew the ending of us was not my fault. I'm glad he's come to realize this. He wants to hang out Saturday and I'm at a loss of what I should do. I don't want to make Tom uncomfortable, he comes before Justin now on my list of priorities, but at the same time, I never wanted Justin completely out of my life and he's at a loss right now.

Oh dilemma.

Last night I started reading Harry Potter and was wondering why in the world I was so lost and realized I got book 6 and I still haven't read book 5. I'm mad. Now I have to wait until I get book 5 before I have anything to read.

I'm hungry. Showering and work is next on my list though. I'll eat at work. One of the perks of working at a restaurant. Maybe the only perk.

[Feb 19]
Tonight, Tonight is a pretty heart wrenching song. I'm in the mood for those. Of course, Smashing Pumpkins did it far better than Panic!.
I have sharp pains all over my body. They seem to like shooting up my limbs and hanging out in my ears. Its probably left over from the flu/viral infection I had.

I'm really just waiting for Tom to get out of work and get over here so I can cuddle and sleep. Gah, bored. I should go read Harry Potter but I'm afraid that crawling into bed will make me even more tired.

Ouch. [Feb 8]
I have the flu :\
I have a temperature of 101. My entire body hurts. My skin hurts. My muscles and joints hurt. Everything. Tom is coming over to take care of me later. We were going to go out today but then he heard what my temperature was and told me I was staying home, haha.
So now I'm having a Scrubs marathon and laying in bed with my laptop.

P.S. note to self, stop biting lips, they're swollen now.

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