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3 November 1987
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Born November 03, 1987 with the name Jennifyr. I'm blunt and sarcastic, but can be the sweetest person you'll know. I'll do anything for my friends. I have a plethora of bad habits. I smoke when I'm stressed out, or drinking. I get deja-vu a lot. I'm not a sucker for romance, although I desire to love and enjoy homemade gifts more so than expensive ones. I read and write more than most people I know, and used to want to be a writer, until I realized I don't have the attention span. Right now I'm kind of lost in life. I get lonely a lot, and make stupid decisions. My new years resolution is to work on that. I am attempting modeling but try not to talk about it, although whenever my best friend gets drunk and introduces me to boys she starts off by saying "this is my best friend, she's a model, isn't she hot?" Then I blush and stammer and hope I'm not really as ugly as I think I am. I'm insecure and think about my weight and food entirely too much. I never want to live a normal life, and someday wish to travel the world with my soulmate (when they find me), and my best friend, even if it means sleeping in hostels and living off bread and spaghetti-o's. I get depressed easily, and often, and suffer from anxiety. This journal is proof of that, as I tend to let loose some of my thoughts in here. My really crazy moments are kept off the internet... mostly. This about me is forever changing, and growing as I'm not yet sure who I am in life or what I want. This I know for sure: I want love. I like to fantasize about underground bars with good music and free drinks with my friends, or living in a small apartment with my ipod and a journal and just being 19 and a mess (I listen to too much Bright Eyes, obviously). I wish I was sophisticated, but trip over myself and get too shy to be anything but awkward. And, I'm afraid to be happy. This could go on forever, as I seem to like to talk about myself and feel I can't be explained easily. I'm a scorpio and the mystery and levels of who I am never end. I'll stop here though, and let you find out the rest.

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